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Child Entertainers Conspiracy 'Theory'

Posted by Nihilophant - May 7th, 2021

First a bit on semantics. This is postulation, not a theory, just as most conspiracy 'theories' are just postulations or suppositions to explain a selected set of observations.

Ever notice how so many of the child actors and entertainers we all know and love grow up to be psychologically disturbed, warped, deranged, substance abusers, and generally dysfunctional? Not only that, they all share some odd features, such as puffy faces (cherubic), pronounced foreheads, squeaky or cracked voices, and stunted growth (short stature)?

Some examples are:

Michael Jackson

Elliot (formerly Ellen) Page

Haley Joel Osment

Jake Lloyd (Anakin Skywalker)

Drew Berrymore

Heather O'Rourke (the girl from the original Poltergeist)

Cory Feldman

Cory Haim

Gary Coleman

Macaulay Culkin

Jennifer Lawrence

I could go on. Obviously you can think of lots of examples that do not fit with my theory, however, many still do that I would say is statistically significant.

My theory is that their parents and/or agents give these kids hormone treatments or puberty blockers that essentially destroy their natural development. This would lead to the characteristics I lay out earlier.

You could say a lot of people in hollywood get fillers injected in their face to give they a more youthful appearance to give them more career opportunities, however, in the case of the men, during their twenties, it wouldn't seem necessary.

I don't believe Gary Coleman had an actual congenital disorder/genetic disease that caused his physical development to be permanently halted. I believe his parents gave him synthetic hormones and puberty blockers, for all intents and purposes, chemically castrating him. It caused him to remain very small and toddler-like despite developing intellectually at a normal rate. I have no proof of this and make no assertion of this being true for Coleman or any of the actors I listed. This is just a postulation.

There are also a theme of tragic death among many child actors/entertainers.

Heather O'Rourke is one especially disturbing one. You can look up the strange and horrible details about her life and death.

Of course, a great number of them were actually sexually abused and/or raped by people in the entertainment industry. For me, that makes Hollywood's present far more scandalous and evil than anything that happened in that geographical region's history.

I don't completely believe in the Pizza Gate narrative, but I do think some of its bullet points are not controversial at all.

A segment of the entertainment industry systematically scouts, procures, grooms, and engineers children, as young as infants, to become the sexual recreation for a ring of loosely associated rapists and sadists. They aren't a formally-organized group with secret decoder rings that worship Molek at the Bohemian Grove, they are more like John Podesta. They just knew people who knew people, they share winks and nods, dog whistles and coded language, they find each other the way homosexuals used to find each other in the 1930's. Not explicitly announcing their proclivities in the open, but just dropping hints.

I'm not making this shit up. There are MANY proven instances of exactly what I'm talking about, and if even sometimes involved high level government officials. Obviously the Clintons are involved, but so is the CIA, Harvey Weinstein, etc.

The child actor rabbit holes all connect to a number of other nightmarish rabbit holes, and at a central chamber resides a deep hidden truth we wont be allowed to know about until a total upheaval/overthrow of governments around the world.

My suspicion is that central banks, hollywood executives and producers, many royalty and high level politicians, intelligence agents, financiers and stock market speculators, churches, and entire government agencies are loosely collaborating and/or enabling the systematic procurement and rape, torture, and ritualistic murder of tens of thousands of children world-wide.

The established fact is that children are far more likely to be brutalized or raped by an immediate family member than by a shadowy cabal of elites. The vast majority of cases of reported missing children are resolved (many self-resolved) within 48 hours. Most kidnapping of children is perpetrated by disgruntled parents in messy divorces. There is also far more sexual abuse happening to children in public schools than in the Catholic Church (despite what the media chooses to omit from the zeitgeist), and a lot of children sexually abuse each other.

There are also a lot of child actors who grow up happy and well-adjusted, or perhaps only mildly neurotic.



Comments (3)

Your statement's rather vague - what does "loosely collaborate" mean? How is a bank collaborating with hollywood to enable "systematic procurement and rape"?

Dude! Conspiracy theories are for trolls who spread bullshit and Nutjobs who believe in it. Don't be ether. Example: Flat Earth and 5G spreading the "varus" was a 4Chan joke

"Ever notice how so many of the child actors and entertainers we all know and love grow up to be psychologically disturbed, warped, deranged, substance abusers, and generally dysfunctional? Not only that, they all share some odd features, such as puffy faces (cherubic), pronounced foreheads, squeaky or cracked voices, and stunted growth (short stature)?"

I have my own points I think of regarding that. For one the entertainment industry demands youth and attractiveness. This is something that is timeless for any sort of entertainers to be appealing and relevant to the youth, so they'll subject themselves to all sorts of nonsense. Second, they grow up in a materialist lifestyle in a secular entertainment culture. They don't have solid family foundations much of the time nor traditions and communities to center themselves with especially considering their families end up embroiled in the petty worthlessness that is Hollywood power politics and fortune seeking. Third, they are taken advantage of by other entertainers and producers offering them a "big break". Sometimes it's part of the deal to submit themselves to such things, other times it's forced but they can't say anything cause the person is way too powerful for them to speak out against. Have seen many people come forward about such things the past decade alone.

It's not that Hollywood itself is under some temporary state of debauchery, this is just what the entertainment industry always has been. There were times it was hidden from view like when the Hays Code existed, but it still happened behind the scenes.

Way I see it it is impossible for the entertainment industry to change this aspect of itself, it is naturally a vain business. As long as people are exploring the vices of humanity in it, as long as it's profitable to sell the darker aspects of human psyche, these things will exist on and off their stages because they glorify it. If I had a button to purge human beings of the darker aspects of their psyche, to make them quit exploring, indulging, and in-taking such things. You'd wake up tomorrow and find a vastly different world than the one you remembered today. The question is, can you yourself live without those dark aspects of your psyche? This is the trade off we live with valuing our autonomy so much especially when it comes to business, art, and entertainment. Hollywood is what humanity is without anything to temper it's spirit beyond mortal understanding. It's humanity, lost in itself, lost in materialism and thrill seeking even at the cost of it's own kin.